All of our heavy haul drivers and staff have many years in driving experience with handling heavy loads, over dimensional loads and in some cases, just strange loads.  We have hauled equipment from 50+ton excavators to backhoes and mini excavators weighing in at a mere 5,000 lbs.  sheds that are over 14' wide and snow cats that are at 14' wide.  We provide the professional service and knowledge that comes with handling such loads.  It takes a lot of patience and knowledge to negotiate the different obsticles that we find in daily traffic. 

Our office staff is comprised of previous business owners and a manager who has over 17 years of management in the trucking industry experience.  Both of us in the office work as a team with the drivers and customers to ensure that all the customer's needs are met while staying with in the bounds of the ever changing trucking laws.  We know when we need to have pilot cars, or when we need a DPS escort.  We research each move to be sure your load gets where it needs to be so you can be confident that your job can start on schedule.


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